Know Your Local Locksmith

Core Locksmith Services is growing to become one of the North Shore of Sydney's most sought after and trusted locksmiths. You can be confident in our skills and knowledge as many thousands of people have already. Our core principles include:


◉ Customer-focused service, and a commitment to ethical behaviour within the locksmith industry. 
◉ The supply and use of high quality, rigorously tested products to ensure longevity for our customers and reduce long-term consumption.
◉ Attention to detail and craftsmanship when installing locks to ensure your security is maintained as well as looking neat and tidy.
◉ A mantra of continuous improvement and commitment to ongoing training in locksmith related fields, and a commitment to personal and professional development.
◉ Safety and security for all stakeholders.
◉ Ecological Sustainability is a goal Core Locksmith Services is constantly working towards. We integrate sustainable business practices where possible including reducing our ecological footprint.

Committed to Personal and Professional Integrity

Core Locksmith Services has proudly ticked all of the boxes:


✓ Individual Security Licence
✓ Locksmith Trade Certificate
✓ Police and Criminal History Checks
✓ Public Liability Insurance