Frequently Asked Questions

for Locksmiths


1. Do you accept credit cards?


Yes, we accept most cards and have paywave technology integrated into our mobile terminals. We currently do not accept American Express.


2. I need to change the locks on my property but I work during the week, can you come out on a Saturday or Sunday?


Yes. We are 24/7 locksmiths and are happy to work with your schedule to get the job done.


3. Do I need to buy my own locks and then you come and install them for me?


No. We carry a wide range of locks and if we don’t have the part we can source it. The products Core Locksmith Services uses are chosen based on their quality, through years of experience in servicing and installing locks. Our prices are reflective of what you would pay at a hardware store, yet you save time on travel costs and incorrect lock selection. We often offer a warranty on the locks supplied, but will not warrant locks purchased by customers in every case.


4. Can you cut spare keys?


Yes. We have a key machine and carry the most common types of keys for door, window and garage door locks.


5. Do you need any special training to become a locksmith?


Yes. Core Locksmith Services’ technicians are qualified locksmiths and registered under NSW Police - Security Licencing and Enforcement Division (SLED). This means fingerprints are kept on record and a security check is completed. We have also completed optional Working with Children Checks (WWCC) which clears us to work in schools and day-care centres etc. A Locksmith business is also required to have a Master Security Licence, and have this on display in certain areas. Make sure the business you choose have these clearances!


6. I’m locked out of property and I need a locksmith to help me open my door. Will I need to show Identification?

Yes. In every circumstance the person requesting access will be required to show identification that proves residence at the address in question (a driver’s licence or ID card is fine). If you cannot provide this, Police will be called.

7. I’ve locked myself out previously and when the locksmith came to open my door they told me that the price quoted over the phone was only a service call and that I had to pay an additional fee. Will you charge me more once you arrive?


No, absolutely not. Core Locksmith Services is a business that values honesty and integrity. In exceptional circumstances, we may be required to replace locks if they are high-security or broken etc. We will provide an estimate and gain your consent before proceeding.


8. Will the locksmith break my door or lock to get in if I’m locked out?


No. Only in exceptional circumstances will these techniques be used, and only as a last resort. We will repair any damage caused by our service person.


9. I want to cancel my work request. Will I be charged a cancellation fee?


Yes, in some cases. Understanding the cost involved in advertising and travelling, not to mention lost opportunities; in some instances’ we will ask for a cancellation fee. This mainly occurs when a customer rings up requesting an emergency locksmith to gain entry to their property ASAP. We aim to be fair and reasonable, in some cases we will not ask for the cancellation fee but please keep in mind this possibility.


10. What is the best way to lubricate my locks?


It depends on the specific part of the lock you want to lubricate. It’s best to ask first. Graphite and common household lubricants can often do more harm than good if used incorrectly.

Please view our service policy for clarification on warranty and liability issues: