Door Problems?

Door Problems? Apart from our standard locksmith services, we can trim doors to size where they are rubbing like this one in Warrawee. There's a few things to know about doors:

1. The whole door needs to be painted or varnished. I can't tell you how many times I come across a really nice looking door and the installer hasn't sealed the top and bottom. I believe the thinking is that if there is any moisture in the door, the unsealed parts will allow it to escape... This is wrong. The moisture from rain etc. will soak into the door like a sponge, swell and contract the timber and eventually rot from the inside out.

2. If your door is rubbing, check your hinges are screwed in tight. On older frames the timber will start to rot and allow the screws to move out a bit. You will be suprised how much difference simply tightening the hinge screws will make.

3. Don't neglect a door starting to show problems... get onto the job of fixing the door! You will save money in the long term.

4. Sometimes there is nothing that can be done for your door and it will need to be replaced.

5. Use a locksmith to install your locks and door hardware... we know what we are doing. Ensure your tradesperson has industry accreditation and a Master Security Licence. This will help identify someone with knowledge of how locks and security devices work.

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