Update Your Security with a 001 Deadlatch


If you live in an apartment your front door may have multiple keys that can work the standard lock that was installed when the building was built. This can be due to a couple of reasons:

Master Keying - Where the buildings managers, and any number of other people may have access to your locks because the lock cylinder has been 'coded' to accept a range of keys.

Construction Keying - The correct way to use the construction key idea is to allow the 'construction key' to stop working once the owner turns their key in the lock. This rarely occurs based on my experience. This means that the builders, their sub-contractors, their apprentices, and anyone else working on the site at the time might have access to your unit.

One way to combat this security risk is to install a fire rated and compliant lock like the Lockwood 001 series deadlatch (pictured) above your current lock. We supply and install these on a regular basis. They provide an additional point of latching on the door which helps deter and prevent forced entry and a second key which slows down anyone trying other methods of entry. Another advantage of these locks is that they can be keyed to an existing key in most cases.

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