What's the difference?

I come across many people who have had a door installed recently, or even a few years ago that don't realise how vulnerable their doors are to attack. How do you increase the security on an existing door? I'll quickly tell you a solution for double doors and show you the difference below.

Double doors are commonly installed on newer architecturally designed homes as they give you a wow-factor due to the size, and also allow easier moving in and out of bigger furniture items. The installing company - not being locksmiths in most cases - will install simple bolts (LH-side of pic) that can easily be manipulated open, if not outright forced and broken.

We recommended a different type of bolt, a flush mounted and key lockable bolt, that meets a few essential criteria:

A) Secure the fixed leaf of the door with an actual key and DEADLOCK it

B) Look stylish to compliment existing door hardware

C) Be easy to operate and long-lasting quality

Choose a qualified, licensed and local locksmith for your door hardware installations.

St Ives Flush Bolt Install by Locksmith


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