7 Tips to Prevent Holiday Break Ins

The Christmas and New Year holiday season is approaching. If you've booked a get-away make sure your security is sufficient to prevent unwanted guests. Some tips before you leave: 1. Ensure you have deadlocks on entry doors with an internal key fitted by an experienced locksmith. 2. Have a locksmith install keyed window locks. 3. Tidy up your yard and mow the lawn in the days before you leave so that the grass is not over-grown and makes the house look empty. 4. Ask a trusted neighbour or friend to check the house occasionally. 5. Bring in ladders and tools from outside the house... anything that can be used to help someone gain access. 6. Install sensor lights around the property and if your budget permits, a good quality CCTV system and alarm. 7. Whilst you're doing all this work, it's a good chance to lubricate your locks with a specific lock lubricant (Not WD-40). Break ins do happen... We've already responded to one attempted break in this week. If you need help with beefing up your security, call Core Locksmith Services.

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