How to fix a screen door lock

Summer brings good times, heat and flies. At Core Locksmith Services, we notice an increase in work requests for screen security doors as people open up doors that have been locked over winter.

Preventative maintenance for your locks will keep an old lock working longer and extend it's life. Using silicon based lubricants are the best option for door hardware in most cases. Degreasers like WD-40 actually remove the lubricant from locks so they might free it up in the short -term, but will cause more issues in the future.

Always read the safety precautions on the product!

Spray your lock lubricant in 3x places for a screen door:

1. Inside the keyhole for the cylinder which lubricates the pins and springs

2.Inside the gap for the latch which will lubricate the lock body

3. Around the collar of the handle to lubricate the handles springs


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