Avoid Locksmith Scams & Rip-Offs with a Few Simple Tips

Not all locksmiths are the same. When it comes to the level of service, price, and quality, there are vast differences between businesses. Recently it has become a lot easier for dodgy locksmiths to prey on customers through largely unregulated online platforms and search engines… unfortunately, it’s now common for some customers to be left out of pocket hundreds of dollars often with locks that compromise safety and security.

Here’s how to separate the good locksmiths from the bad locksmiths.

1. Cost 💲

- Get multiple quotes. There are some locksmith companies that occupy the first few listings on search engines under different names, despite this being against the search engine's policies. You can check if you are talking to different companies by the Master Security License number which should be prominently displayed on any advertising; if it’s the same number, it’s the same person. There's also a user-friendly online portal at the "Service NSW" website where you can check the Master Security License number for currency and match it up with the business's details.

- Does the quote include everything? Has the locksmith quoted a total price or just a call-out/service-call? Do they have any caveats such as the type of lock to be opened? Does the price quoted include GST and EFTPOS fees? This is how many people get trapped by locksmith scammers. Often a customer will pay the extra amount just to avoid conflict and an uncomfortable conversation... that's part of why these scams work.

If it sounds too good to be true… it is too good to be true!

2. Their Proximity to You 📍

- Some locksmiths will give you an ETA of 23 minutes despite needing to travel from Bondi to Hornsby, which is near impossible unless they're travelling by helicopter. Ask them where they're located. A bit of a time-buffer is okay, and reasonable considering Sydney traffic, but a quoted 23 minute response turning into 60 minutes isn't acceptable without a really good excuse.

- A local locksmith is more willing to go above and beyond as their reputation in the area is valuable. Warranty issues can also be addressed easier and faster in the event they arise.

3. The Reputation of the Business 👍

- Check the reviews of the business in question. If there's a bunch of bad reviews saying similar things about the locksmith, approach with caution! People can now buy fake 5-star reviews despite it being totally illegal; So if there are glowing reviews followed by a lot of scathing reviews… something is fishy.

- What sort of reputation does the company have with other locksmith businesses? If you were referred by another locksmith because they were busy or not open 24 hours, you've probably found an honest locksmith.

- What is their demeanour like on the phone? We all have bad days, but if they're abrupt and trying to get you to book the job in quickly without asking too many questions, that should be a red flag!

- Check their previous work. Core Locksmith Services proudly publishes photos of the interesting (we think) examples of locks we install. In fact, most of the images on our website and other media are examples of our own work. Some other companies just put stock images on their sites which can be misleading about the true level of their skill.

Our Offer to You 🎁

If Core Locksmith Services cannot help you out, we will recommend another locksmith who can. We have great relationships with other reputable locksmiths in the area, so just ask. Our business is based on your satisfaction.

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