Lock & Door Hardware Installer

Apart from our experience-based expertise in locks and security products, we also offer our services as a door hardware installer. Changing the door handles is one of the best ways to make your place look great without major works at huge expense.

A few tips when selecting door hardware:

1. Try and select handles that fit in place of the old ones. This will cut down on installation costs as they are simpler to install and the doors and frames won't need patching and painting afterwards.

2. Select a timeless style. Often the hardware stores will have a trending style which often looks out-dated faster than it should. Simple and elegant, will often trump bold and daring. However, it is your home so you should select a style you like... you will be the main person looking at it.

3. Buy good quality products from reputable brands. You don't need to spend hundreds on a each handle for quality. In my experience, the $250 designer handle imported from Europe is often worse quality than the $45-$65 option I'm able to source. At the same time, a $20 handle from the hardware store is likely break and need replacing. If in doubt, ask us to check if we know the brand and if the price is reasonable.

4. Consider colour/finish. Personally, I like stainless steel and satin chrome. They don't tarnish as quickly as Polished Brass (Gold) and Polished Chrome (Mirror-look). Often the shiny finishes will start to deteriorate, especially if exposed to weather, or even sunlight.

5. Use someone with experience to install the handles. If the handles are not simple to retrofit, a lock installer / locksmith should be used. Check their previous work and ask for photos as proof.

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