Summary Services Policy


1. Cancellation of Services

i. Verbal work requests are effectively accepted quotes.

ii. In the event a customer wants to cancel a service, including emergency work, a cancellation fee will be charged if Core Locksmith Services or a representative of the business is not notified within 24 hours.


2. Ordering Products

i. All non-standard orders are non-returnable, and non-refundable unless defective.

3. Asbestos and Hazardous Materials

i. The customer is required to provide notification to Core Locksmith Services before work commences of any potential asbestos or hazardous materials in the work area including doors, eaves, and frames.

ii. In the event a door or any other material contains asbestos or any other hazardous material we will cease work immediately. The customer is liable to pay any service fee even if the work cannot be completed.

iii. The strata company or property owner must be informed of any asbestos present immediately by the customer.

iv. Core Locksmith Services is not liable for any effects arising from disrupted hazardous materials or any resulting injury or illness due to our service. Due care and consideration will be taken to prevent any hazards arising.


4. Warranty

i. Service Warranty - We offer a twelve (12) month warranty on our installation or service from the date on the invoice unless otherwise stated. All warranty claims must be able to provide an invoice or proof of the service.

ii. Product Warranty - This is provided by the manufacturer and is separate to our service warranty. If your product fails outside of the service warranty period we will charge to repair or replace the failed product.

iii. We expect that the customer will provide all keys that are required to operate a lock when we are rekeying locks. In the event that a key that was not provided and tested in new locks or rekeyed locks we will not warrant the service and a call out and labour will be charged.

iv. If the product is supplied by the customer no product warranty is offered by Core Locksmith Services.

v. All warranty claims will be assessed during business hours even in the event that the job was completed outside of business hours. If the fault is not under warranty, a service call and labour will be charged.

vii. All warranty claims are subject to the technicians’ availability. If we cannot attend to your problem within 7 days we will arrange a qualified contractor to attend site. We will not pay any invoices from other contractors unless agreed and approved in writing in advance by Core Locksmith Services.